How It Works

Step 1 : Create an account

Creating an account is free and easy. Simply click on the “signup” link and fill out the form. Its that easy.

Step 2 : Find a topic you are passionate about

Step 3 : Create a project

Once logged in, click “create new content” from the “my content” tab. From here you can give your project a title, a description and select a category.

Step 4 : Name your modules

Click on the green “add module” button to create as many module headings as you need. Modules allow you to separate your content out into more manageable sections

Step 5 : Post your URL content

Collectyv only accepts internet media posted via URL. Inserting is as simple as copying the URL address of the information you are trying to add from the address bar at the top of the browser. You can post any internet media you like from Videos, PDF’s, to Other websites. When searching for content, search engines such as google are your friend.

Click on the “add lesson” button from within a module. Post the URL in the for and give it a title. Your content has now been added.

Step 6 : Share your creation

Updated on April 18, 2019